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1290. BART to Panhandle (03/26/22)

Hikers (24): Arush, Chris P, Dan, Dan L, David A, Giulia, Hima, Hong, Jarda, Jim, Kathryn, Kendra, Mihail, Milon, Nagendra, Peter M, Qi, Russ, Sandy F, Shuli, Sophie, Steve, Vicki, Yipeng
Distance: 17 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 7 beauty
Park info: Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco

Steve owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Jim, Shuli, Qi, Milon, Jarda, Sophie, Kendra, Dan L and Steve

Plenty of new-to-INCH trails and in-hike dining options. Upgraded to a weak 3 since it almost cracked 4k ft of elevation gain with a few steep stairs.

Highest point in San Francisco county
Arush's 40th leaf
Dan's 90th leaf
Hong's 140th leaf
Jim's 220th leaf
Nagendra's 140th leaf

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