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347. Montara Mountain via San Pedro (10/04/03)

Hikers (34): Alexandre, Bobbie, Brian T, Bunny, Cal, Charles, Costa, Cristina, David, David M, Elaine, Eugene, George, Geraldine, Glen, Gwynneth, Hether, Jason, Jennifer, John X, Judy, Kevin T, Lawrence, Marko, Mary Y, Peter, Pink Sharon, Russ, Sergei, Sheetal, Tania, Taylor, Van, Winnie
Distance: 7 miles
Rating: 2 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: San Pedro County Park in Pacifica

Write-up by Russ -- Pictures by Russ

Elaine had a friend visiting from out of town and they had big plans. So she wanted a relatively easy hike and I figure I would do one close by to her. Pacifica seemed to fit the bill. Plus it is a gorgeous hike. Using the new response system, I saw there were thirteen people showing up on the hike, plus a few other people who wrote me separately they were coming. I got directions from George R. on a new and better way to get to the trailhead. Of course I got lost following them, that is what I get for not checking them more carefully. Eventually we got to the trailhead and the first thing I see is Elaine tapping her foot and pointing at her watch. And then I see this enormous crowd of people. Oh my, is everyone with us?!!! Yep, 34 people -- a new INCH record! This is going to be chaos. Screw waiting around, time to hike! Now for the hard part, how get everyone into the INCH cheer circle?

1, 2, 3 ... INCH!

And away we go! Since I was supposed to be the organizer I took off in the lead. Naturally Hether wasn't going to let that go unchallenged. Tania and Taylor were right behind us chatting away. Peter, Serge, Kevin and Cal were right with us. The rest of the people I kind of lost track of. That was fine though, there was really only one trail to the top and I figured there was no way to get really lost. Up and up we went. We seemed to be making pretty good time and Hether was pushing me pretty hard. Shortly we made it to the fire road to the top, about two-thirds of the way. I figure I should wait here for the stragglers and make sure they head to the peak instead of the beach. In the meantime, I got an update from Sue that the Giants were losing to the Marlins. I was just hoping the Marlins could hold on. If Sue wasn't going to be on the hike, the least she can do was update me on the scores. Elaine and her friend Geraldine made it, followed by Jason, Pink Sharon (who had a new pink backpack to further complete the pink ensemble), Costa, Judy, Mary Y and quite a few people. After chatting to everyone for a bit, I sent them on to the top. Jason argued that this hike wasn't a three and I was inclined to agree with him. Not sure what I was thinking when we first rated this hike. Then again, we have been downgrading a lot of hikes lately. In the meantime, I figured maybe Gwynneth had her walkie talkie on, so I gave it a try. I knew she was waiting for a friend to show up in the parking lot. Sure enough she did and said she wasn't far behind. Knowing her, I had no doubt. I figured I would wait for Cristina and kids and then be on my way. Sure enough, a few minutes later, Cristina was there with kids in tow.

Time for me to catch up with the rest of the gang. It took a while, but I did eventually catch up with Charles, Brian and Winnie and walked with them to the top. It was about this time I got another baseball update from Sue: Marlins beat the Giants 7-6, knocking them out of the playoffs. Screw the Giants! That just made my day! When we finally made it to the top what did I see? The largest crowd I have ever seen at the peak. I thought the fire marshall was going to close the place down. But it was great to be able to chat with so many people. Eventually everyone made it to the top, including Gwynneth who made good time considering her late start. Peter was nice enough to go around and collect all the names. I was going to go on my memory alone, but I guess writing the names down is another option. Time to head back down. Or as I put it "time to get the hell out of here."

On the way down the fog finally lifted enough for me to take some pictures of the ocean views. The way back was uneventful for the most part, with the exception that half of us in the front took the path to the dry waterfall and the rest didn't. Seemed to fit such a chaotic hike.

Things looked pretty nice once the fog lifted.

The last bit of chaos, take a group picture. Squeeze in everyone, we have to fit 34 people into the picture!

A new INCH record that is going to last a while.

[Steve: As it turned out, the record lasted less than a month!]

Alexandre's 1st leaf
Bobbie's 1st leaf
Brian T's 1st leaf
Cal's 50th leaf
David M's 1st leaf
Geraldine's 1st leaf
Hether's 10th leaf
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