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452. Montara Mountain via San Pedro (07/02/05)

Hikers (25): Alexandre, Andrew, Blinky, Cristina, David, Dinesh, Edita, Elaine, Eugene, George, Isabela, Janice, Jinglan, Julie, Paul, Peter, Rich, Ross, Sabine, Scott, Sharon A, Steve, Taylor, Tim H, Walter
Distance: 7 miles
Rating: 2 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: San Pedro County Park in Pacifica

Peter owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Janice

My fan club showed up for the hike

People were itching to hit the trail

Nice view of the Pacific from halfway up the hill

Enjoying a freshly-radiated snack at the top

The view from the top as we headed back down

Steve went off trail to do some caching (so he says)

There are pirates in these parts. Arrrrrrr!!!!

The Chief says these are called thimbleberries. Yum!

The best part of the hike was the potluck afterwards

Check out these two rat bastards

Speaking of rat bastards ... this one wasn't so lucky

Sharon A's 1st leaf
Tim H's 1st leaf
Walter's 20th leaf

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