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575. Tolman Peak (07/28/07)

Hikers (24): Bharati, Carissa, Chester, David, Diane, Edita, Gavin, Gladys, Guy S, Hima, Jeff, Jon, Ken, Kristen, Peter M, Ramesh, Ross, Russ, Sabine, Scott, Steve, Tim R, Wennie, Yipeng
Distance: 11 miles
Rating: 2 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Garin & Dry Creek Pioneer Parks near Hayward

Steve owes a writeup!

The hike featured a couple steep uphill segments, but they were short-lived. Since we took a partially shaded route, it wasn't even miserably hot. Maybe INCH is learning after all these years? We had one new person (Jon) turn back from Tolman Peak. However, since he did most of the distance (and incline), we'll give him the green leaf and spare him the black leaf. . .this time!

No wreckage from an old plane crash near the peak was visible, but it was still a nice hike.

Guy S's 1st leaf
Jon's 1st leaf

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