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879. Pinnacles Middle Loop (05/04/13)

Hikers (18): Adam, Alan, Brad, Chinyet, Christina, David, George, Giulia, Jeff, Kirk, Mike Si, Nick, Patrick Be, Peter, Rufina, Shuli, Sophie, Steve
Distance: 17 miles
Rating: 5 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Pinnacles National Monument south of Hollister

Write-up by Peter and David -- Pictures by Giulia and Alan W

My sixth trip to the Pig Fence was the easiest one I've ever experienced thanks to the cooler temps, but it got hot in the afternoon and the High Peaks kicked my butt. Hence the Level 5.

Pig Fence Virgins (no longer): Adam, Brad, Christina, Mike, Nick, Rufina. Congrats to all! Brad missed out the High Peaks due to pulling a hamstring, but got to enjoy The Fence.

Hopping the fence on the South Wilderness Trail

Looking up at the start of the mighty Pig Fence

Rufina is wondering what she got herself into

INCHers working their way up ... and up ... and up The Fence

Sophie's all smiles as she knows she's close to getting her Forest

The Bear Gulch Reservoir looked great (but of course, we didn't stop to enjoy it)

Rock climbers at the Pinnacles

Sophie gets ready for a celebration shot of smooth tequila at the High Peaks

As we were toasting Sophie's 100th hike yesterday, the question was raised about who was the quickest to reach 100. David has the answer: it depends! Measuring by time and in terms of INCH hikes yields two different lists. As a point of reference, the 100th INCH hike was on the 939th day of its existence (2.57 years), which is good for 5th place in the Measured by Time list.

Top Ten to 100, as measured by number of hikes:

1.Peter107th (93.5%)
2.Russ125th (80.0%)
2.Sophie125th (80.0%)
4.Paul127th (78.7%)
5.Steve137th (73.0%)
6.Mike B138th (72.5%)
7.Ross140th (71.4%)
8.George143rd (69.9%)
9.Karl155th (64.5%)
10.Eugene162nd (61.7%)

Top Ten to 100, as measured by time:

1.Paul785 days (2.15 years)
2.George855 days (2.34 years)
3.Ross876 days (2.40 years)
3.Sophie876 days (2.40 years)
5.Mike B939 days (2.57 years)
6.Peter997 days (2.73 years)
7.Karl1051 days (2.88 years)
8.Russ1121 days (3.07 years)
9.Sarah1156 days (3.17 years)
10.Diane1177 days (3.22 years)

George's 310th leaf
Patrick Be's 1st leaf
Sophie's 1st forest

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