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928. Berryessa Peak (05/10/14)

Hikers (16): Arlene, Biz, Brad, Carol, Dan, David, Kevin, Mike, Nick, Peter M, Robert, Sarah, Sarbinder, Steve, Tony, Trish
Distance: 14 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 10 beauty
Park info: Knoxville Wildlife Area near Napa

Steve owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Tony, Biz and Steve

Oh, it was very nice.

Berryessa Peak in the distance

Far north, everyone on time

The trailhead is decidedly nondescript

Pretty flowers

David loves the uphill

Getting closer to Berryessa Peak

Flowery ridgeline

Looking back at the treacherous trail under the cliffs

INCH conquers a new peak

Lake Berryessa from Berryessa Peak

Dan got a bit lost and ended up bushwhacking through some scorched earth

Northwest view

Up close with a microwave (?) antenna

Red rocks on the return route

David, wild flowers, and the one-month-old Berryessa Trail stile

Peter M's 80th leaf
Tony's 20th leaf

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