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505. Four Falls Loop (05/27/06)

Hikers (44): Antonio C, Bobbie, Carissa, Cecile, Clive, David, Dean, Dinesh, Doug, Elaine, Eric Lo, Eugene, George, Helen, Hima, Janice, Jinglan, JP, Judy, Ken, Latha, Laura M, Lily, Linda L, Mikael, Mike R, Nancy I, Nani, Paul, Ramesh, Ross, Rudi, Russ, Sabine, Sandy, Scott, Sean, Sharon A, Sparky, Steve, Tania C, Tim R, Walter, Wennie
Distance: 10 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Big Basin State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Write-up by Steve -- Pictures by George

This was it, the big tenth anniversary of INCH. From a "club" started by two Intel co-workers (Peter and Russ), one of their girlfriends (Taylor), and a lowly intern (Steve), we grew to have over 550 different hikers on 505 hikes. Lesson learned: if you make a web page, they will come.

Peter wanted to have the hike in the same park that started it all. He also wanted to make sure he was able to take Taylor to the hospital should their impending baby make an early appearance. Thus, I got job of leading the record-breaking-attendance hike. It would be nice to think that everyone showed up to celebrate the 10th anniversary, but we know better. If you have a hike in a popular destination plus food, people will show up in droves. Nine new hikers showed up to prove the point.

What can you say about Big Basin that hasn't already been said? We made the 4-falls loop from the main HQ, taking Skyline-to-the-Sea to Berry Creek, up Berry Creek Trail, and back on Sunset Trail. A couple people commented that the opposite direction is good, too. Maybe we'll try that route next time.

With the hike out of the way, it was time for the partying. The early arrivals had staked out a picnic site for the party, but this wasn't clarified during the hike. When the hike was over, I sort of ambled toward the picnic/overflow-parking area until I spotted a "Big 10 INCH" party sign (proof that maturity is a matter of mind, not age). What's not to like about this group?

INCH is logged on.

As can once could be seen in George and Janice's pictures, we had plenty of tasty food and good times. Several additional non-hiking INCHers showed up only for the party, which added to the fun. Peter and very pregnant Taylor made an appearance later on, so we had all the founders present. 10 more years?

Antonio C's 1st leaf
Carissa's 70th leaf
Cecile's 1st leaf
Dean's 1st leaf
Eric Lo's 1st leaf
Laura M's 1st leaf
Linda L's 20th leaf
Mike R's 1st leaf
Nancy I's 1st leaf
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Tania C's 1st leaf

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