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863. Ridgeline Trail (01/05/13)

Hikers (26): Alan, Brendan D, Christophe, Giulia, Hailong, Hima, Iris, Janice, Jiwei, Karl, Kirk H, Mike, Monika, Nick, Peter, Peter C, Ross, Russ, Sarah, Shuli, Sophie, Stacy, Steve, Suetfei, Theresa, Yoshiko
Distance: 19 miles
Rating: 4 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park west of Pleasanton

Russ owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Karl

Congrats to Stacy on getting her first forest!

Congratulations Stacy, lookin' great on your 100th INCH hike!

Thanks Chief, for bringing a most excellent tequila to celebrate!

Stacy needed a double shot of tequila (one in each hand)

Is The Man taking a shot while he walks? That would explain why he's going sideways.

Reading a trail map after a half dozen shots of tequila is a major challenge

"Come on Karl, this hill isn't THAT bad. Your problem is you didn't have any tequila!"

Hima's 230th leaf
Iris's 70th leaf
Jiwei's 1st leaf
Karl's 130th leaf
Stacy's 1st forest

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