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Busse Lake
(Cook County, Illinois)
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When boating, regardless of water depth, wear a PFD!

Boating information:

  • Private sailboats, canoes, rowboats allowed.
  • Rental canoes, rowboats available
  • Gas-powered motors prohibited.
  • 4 ramps (two on main pool, two on south pool) with concrete to water level, gravel base under water at edge of ramp.
  • Dam information

Fish in this lake include:

Other information:

[Busse Lake Map]
Get detailed map (89k) (including depths).

Busse Lake is an excellent lake for fishing, kayaking, canoeing and sailing. Located between Golf Road and Biesterfield Road (Higgins divides the preserve) and next to Route 53 and I-90, the lake is very easy to access. Between April and October, you can rent canoes and rowboats from the Forest Preserve District. Boats should stay south of Higgins Road. Shore anglers can use the dirt trails on the map to access places they might not have otherwise accessed.

Pictures taken from Lake Busse:
[Sunset on Busse] [Salt Creek]
Sunset on the north pool Just north of the home of a family of beavers
[In the Reeds]
Traveling thru the reeds to the small pond with the big fish

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