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Fox Lake
(Lake County, Illinois)
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When boating, regardless of water depth, wear a PFD!

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Fox Lake is located in Northwestern Lake county, between Grass Lake Road and Grand/Route 59. Free (FWA fees may apply) access is available at Chain O'Lakes State Park. Small boaters (canoes/kayaks....) should be sure to wear your PFD, you never know when a powerboat will pass you at great speed.

Directions to State Park: If your taking the Illinois Tollway, exit at Illinois 173 (Rosecrans Road), and head west. Turn left at Wilmot road and watch for signs for the State Park. The State Park is located on Grass lake, This is a shallow lake and most power boats will want to be sure to follow navigation buoys to Fox Lake.

[Grass Lake]

(Leaving the state park, you'll come to the junction of the lake and the Fox River)

Fox Chain O'Lakes (Upper Fox River Watershed) Water Quality Information (Illinois EPA)

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