Uriah A. Hinshaw

                                                      ┌── Abel Hinshaw
                                                      │    1799-1876 
                               ┌── Jacob B. Hinshaw ──┤
                               │    1824-1901         │
                               │                      └── Nancy Bookout
                               │                           1799-1882 
Uriah A. Hinshaw ──────────────┤
B: 1852                        │                      ┌── Thomas Carter
D: 1933                        │                      │
                               └── Mary M. Carter ────┤
                                    1826-1908         │
                                                      └── Miriam Cartwright
M: Mary Elizabeth Baldwin
   ├── Leary Alberta Hinshaw (1875-1894) 1,2,3
   ├── Willimetta Ethel Hinshaw (1879-?) 1,2,4,5
   ├── Tully Ivanhoe Hinshaw (1882-1942) 1,5,6
   └── Orval Oakley Hinshaw (1888-1961) 1,5,6

M: Charlotte Skiver Moore

M: Asenath C. Reynolds Baldwin

Uriah A. Hinshaw     [ID 01157] Click here to switch to Ahnentafel view: Ahnentafel View

Born Jan 16 1852, on the family farm, Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana.1,2,4,5,7,8  

Uriah was shown age 8 in the 1860 census, Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana.4  

He married Mary Elizabeth Baldwin, Apr 4 1874, Randolph County, Indiana.1,4,6,9  Mary was born 1854, Indiana.1,2,10  

Uriah and family were shown in the 1880 census (Jun 22 1880), Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana:2

Hinshaw, Uriah A., age 28, born in Indiana; parents born in North Carolina; farmer.
Hinshaw, Mary E., wife, age 25, born in Indiana; father born in North Carolina; mother born in Indiana; keeping house.
Hinshaw, Leary A., son, age 4, born in Indiana; parents born in Indiana.
Hinshaw, Willimette E., daughter, age 1, born in Indiana; parents born in Indiana.
Living next door in 1880 was the family of sister Lucinda.11  

At Cherry Grove MM on 1-14-1888, Uriah & Mary were received in membership.6  

Mary died Mar 17 1896, buried Lot 17 Section 3 Space 6, Buena Vista Cemetery, near Farmland, Union Township, Randolph County, Indiana.1,7,10,12  

Widow Uriah and family were shown in the 1900 census (Jun 10 1900), Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana:5

Hinshaw, U.A., head-of-household, age 48, born January 1852 in Indiana; parents born in Indiana; widower; occupation: farmer; owned farm (mortgaged).
Hinshaw, Tully I., son, age 17, born July 1882 in Indiana; parents born in Indiana.
Hinshaw, Orvel O., son, age 12, born Jan 1888 in Indiana; parents born in Indiana; attended school 6 months.
Hiatt, Wellinetta E., daughter, age 21, born Jan 1879 in Indiana; parents born in Indiana; married 6 years; 3 children, 2 living.
Hiatt, Willie E., son-in-law, age 25, born Oct 1874 in Indiana; parents born in Indiana; married 6 years.
Hiatt, Bellie L., granddaughter, age 3, born Oct 1896 in Indiana; parents born in Indiana.
Hiatt, Mary M., granddaughter, age 1, born Jan 1898 in Indiana; parents born in Indiana.

He then married Charlotte Skiver Moore4 [Charlotte Skiver7], Jun 23 19004 [Jun 28 19001,7], Randolph County, Indiana4.  Charlotte, daughter of Adam + Margaret Skiver.7  Charlotte was the widow of Albert Moore.7  

At Cherry Grove MM on 7-9-1904, Uriah was granted a certificate to White River MM.6  

At White River MM on 8-6-1904, Uriah & son Orville were received on a certificate from Cherry Grove MM.6  

At White River MM on 11-2-1907, Charlotte was received on a letter from Methodist Episcopal Church at Spartansburg.6  

At White River MM on 8-3-1911, Uriah & wife Charlotte were dropped from membership.6  

Charlotte died Aug 23 1914, buried Mount Zion Cemetery, near Winchester, Indiana.7  

He then married Asenath C. Reynolds Baldwin1,4 [Asenath C. Reynolds13], Jan 15 19161,4, Randolph County, Indiana1,4.  Asenath, daughter of Milo Reynolds & Mary Chamness, was born May 7 1866, Wayne County, Indiana.8,10,12,13  

Asenath was a widow, previously married to George Riley Baldwin.7,10,13  She was a school teacher,13 and had three children: Lena Gladys, Russell R., and Alma J. Baldwin.10,13  

At White River MM on 2-6-1916, Uriah & wife Asenath were received in membership.6  

Uriah and Asenath were shown in the 1920 census (Jan 29 1920), Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana:8

Hinshaw, Uriah A., head-of-household, age 67, born in Indiana; parents born in North Carolina; owned home; occupation: none.
Hinshaw, Asenath C., wife, age 53, born in Indiana; parents born in North Carolina.
Living nearby in 1920 were the families of Uriah's cousins Arnold Hinshaw14 and Elwood Hinshaw.15  

Uriah and Asenath were again shown in the 1930 census (Apr 2 1930), Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana:16

Hinshaw, Uriah, head-of-household, age 78, born in Indiana; father born in North Carolina; mother born in Indiana; first married at age 22; owned home ($500 value); no radio in home; occupation: none; not a veteran.
Hinshaw, Asenath, wife, age 63, born in Indiana; parents born in North Carolina; first married at age 26; occupation: janitor, church janitor.
Living nearby in 1930 was second cousin Otis Hinshaw17 and cousin Clement Ray Hinshaw.18  The enumerator for this 1930 census area was recorded as Edna A. Hinshaw.  

Uriah A. Hinshaw died Oct 10 1933, age 81.1,7,10,12  

Uriah's obituary was published on Thursday, October 12, 1933:19


Uriah Hinshaw, 82, died early Tuesday morning at his home in Lynn, after a long illness.  He is survived by the widow, one daughter, Mrs. William Hiatt of Morgantown, two sons, Arley [sic] of Lynn, Kelley [sic] of New Madison, Ohio, and a brother, J.E. Hinshaw of this city.  

Funeral services will be held this morning at 10 o’clock at the Buena Vista church and burial will be made in the adjoining cemetery.

Asenath remarried to an Elmer Jennings.7  

Asenath died Oct 11 1951, at the home of her son, Russell Baldwin, four miles east of Winchester, Randolph County, Indiana; age 85.7,10,12  (Buried as Asenath C. Baldwin, next to her first husband, George Riley Baldwin).10,12  

Asenath's obituary was published in a Winchester (Indiana) newspaper on Friday, October 12, 1951:10

Asenath Jennings Dies At Home Near Winchester

Mrs. Asenath C. Jennings, 85, widow of Elmer E. Jennings, passed away at 5:45 o'clock Thursday night at the home of her son, Russell Baldwin, four miles east of Winchester.  

Other survivors are six stepchildren, Orville Hinshaw, Mrs. Ray Hinshaw and Mrs. Adam Flatter, all of Winchester; Mrs. Everett Thurston of Tucson, Ariz.; Mrs. Ethel Hiatt of Morgantown, and Guy Jennings of Miami, Fla.; four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.  

Funeral services for Mrs. Jennings will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at the Rural Friends church in charge of Rev. Marcel Thornburg.  Interment will in the Buena Vista cemetery.

The following biographical sketch of Uriah A. Hinshaw was written by gg-grandson Greg Hinshaw:7

Uriah A. Hinshaw was born on the Hinshaw Farm on what was once Hinshaw Road in Washington Township, Randolph County, Indiana on January 16, 1852.  He was a son of Jacob B. and Mary M. (Carter) Hinshaw.  He was raised on the farm and attended the common schools.  A family history recounted the following of the school were Uriah Hinshaw got his first education:
It [the school house] stood on the southwest corner where the roads now cross just east of Snow Hill station.  The building consisted of one room about 18 x 20 of round logs with no loft or ceiling, with a huge fire place occupying almost the entire end of the building, with split slab or puncheon seats with no backs, a rough plank laid on wood pins driven in the wall, for a writing desk; greased paper was at first used instead of glass windows.  The pupils who were fortunate enough to be able to take writing would take their turn standing at the plank where the "school master" would give instructions in the use of quill pens.  The house had but one door which swung on wooden hinges and was fastened when shut with a wooden latch, hence the old phrase, "no one could get in if the latch string was not out".  The building had a clapboard roof and a stick and clay chimney.
The school was taught by Uriah's aunt, Miriam Carter Mullen.  Uriah related this incident:
It was near the beginning of his first term, and his Aunt Miriam was the teacher.  Shortly after the "Books" one morning a big wagon went along the road or rather through the woods where the road now is, and as it was so unusual to see or hear a big wagon jolting over roots and stumps all present were anxious to see it.  Uriah, being one of the little ones, ran to the window endeavoring to see out.  The teacher said, "Ude, if you are bound to see that wagon you had better open the door and go out," whereupon he ran to the door, lifted the latch, and went out.
Though Uriah was first educated in this schoolhouse, most of his education was in the school at Vinegar Hill, one mile south of Snow Hill Station.  

At the age of twenty-one, Uriah began teaching school, and, the next year, purchased fifty-acres of land in Jay County, Indiana.  Before the close of that year, however, he traded his land in Jay County for an eighty-acre farm on 500 S in Washington Township, Randolph County.  Only about ten or twelve acres of the land were improved when he bought the farm, and he spent much time improving the land.  In 1872 he was licensed to teach in Randolph County.  He taught at Greensfork Township No. 12 in 1872-73, Washington Township No. 1 in 1873-74, and Washington Township No. 5 in 1874-1875.  

Uriah marred Mary Elizabeth Baldwin, also a native of Washington Township, on April 4, 1874.  In September, 1878, their home was destroyed by fire and nearly everything was lost.  Uriah carried no insurance at the time.  He soon rebuilt a smaller house.  In 1882 Uriah's biography and a lithograph of his house were recorded in the "History of Randolph County, Indiana" by Ebenezer Tucker.  Uriah and Mary Elizabeth had four children: Leary Alberta, Willimetta Ethel, Tully Ivanhoe, and Orval Oakley.  Uriah was a staunch Republican, though not active in any major elective office.  He was a charter member of the "Hawthorne Regulators," a para-law enforcement group on June 24, 1887.  

Uriah, raised a Methodist, joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in March 1873.  In January 1888 he and Mary Elizabeth joined the Martindale Friends Church, near their home, where they were active members.  Mary Elizabeth died on March 17, 1896 and is buried in the Buena Vista Cemetery, near their son, Leary.  Uriah married Charlotte (Skiver) Moore, a daugher of Adam and Margaret Skiver and widow of Albert Moore, on June 28, 1900.  Uriah and Charlotte got their first telephone in 1901.  The number was suburban line 340-D.  In 1903 Uriah purchased a new farm on Base Road, just south of 400 S and sold his previous farm.  In 1905 Uriah was elected Road Supervisor of District 1 in Washington Township.  He served for one year.  In 1904 Uriah and his son, Orval, transferred their church membership to White River Monthly Meeting (Rural Friends Church).  Uriah was a major force behind the reorganization of Rural Union Church into Rural Friends Church in 1904.  He was named superintendent of the Sunday School in 1904.  He was appointed an overseer in 1904.  He was appointed elder and head of the meeting in 1905.  He held that position until he resigned his membership.  Uriah and Charlotte were released from membership at Rural Friends Church in 1911 at their request.  The reason for this is not clear.  Charlotte died on August 23, 1914 and is buried in the Mount Zion Cemetery.  When Charlotte died, her funeral was conducted by W. O. Bales, a Christian Church minister, and "a Saints minister of Jackson Township."  

Uriah sold a nearby farm (NE NE 17-19-14) to his son Orval in 1914.  He sold another (Pt. W 1/2 NW 2-19-14) to Daniel L. Moore on July 26, 1918, another 40 acres (SE SE 8-19-14) to Henry Weimer on January 24, 1922, and the last 80 acres (W 1/2 NW 16-19-14) to Otho Retter on April 7, 1923.  

Uriah married a third time to Asenath (Reynolds) Baldwin, the widow of George Baldwin, on January 15, 1916.  Uriah once again joined Rural Friends Church in 1916 by request.  Asenath joined at the same time by certificate from Springfield Monthly Meeting in Wayne County.  They were both faithful members until death.  Uriah purchased an automobile in May 1917.  Uriah served as correspondent of White River Monthly Meeting of Friends from 1922 until his death.  He also served on the Evangelism and Church Extension Committee of Winchester Quarterly Meeting from 1920 until 1922.  He and Asenath also taught Sunday School at Rural Friends.  A daughter-in-law, Goldie Hinshaw, was a Quaker pastor.  A great-grandson, Warren Short, was a Quaker missionary to Kenya, East Africa.  Uriah retired from farming in 1920.  He and his son, Tully, sold their farm equipment in an auction on October 14, 1920.  

In September 1922, Uriah and Asenath moved to the village of Rural, across from the Friends Church.  Uriah purchased the property from Delmar Platt on March 22, 1922.  Uriah fell on September 11, 1929, while leaving prayer meeting at Rural Friends Church, and broke his hip.  This confined him to a wheelchair.  He died on October 10, 1933 at the age of eighty-one.  Funeral services were held at Rural Friends Church under the direction of Rev. Luther E. Addington.  Uriah is buried in the Buena Vista Cemetery beside his first wife and son Leary.  Asenath outlived Uriah and later married Elmer Jennings.  She died in 1951 and is also buried at Buena Vista.  

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(photo)Photo: Uriah A. Hinshaw gravestone Buena Vista Cemetery 10

(photo)Photo: Mary Elizabeth Baldwin gravestone Buena Vista Cemetery 10


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