Elias Hinshaw

                                            ┌── John Hinshaw
                                            │    1747-1800 
                  ┌── Benjamin H. Hinshaw ──┤
                  │    1782-1866            │
                  │                         └── Ruth (Pike) Weisner
                  │                              1744-1795 
Elias Hinshaw ────┤
B: 1830           │                         ┌── William Bowman
D: 1900           │                         │
                  └── Annas Bowman ─────────┤
                       1790-1865            │
                                            └── Anna Workman
M: Angeline Lewis

M: Emaline Hall
   ├── Charles H. Hinshaw (1857-1920) 1,2,3,4
   ├── Eugene Hinshaw (1860-1861) 3
   ├── Lola M. Hinshaw (1862-1884) 3,4
   ├── Willie Hinshaw (1864-1873) 3
   ├── Earl Eskridge Hinshaw (1867-1928) 1,2,3,4
   ├── Harry Hinshaw (1874-1876) 3
   └── Lillian Hinshaw (1877-1877) 3

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Born 11-9-1830, Marlborough MM, Randolph County, North Carolina.1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9  

Elias was shown in the 1850 census, Greensboro Township, Henry County, Indiana, living in the household of his brother Benjamin, as follows:10

Benjamin F. Henshaw, age 30, born in North Carolina; blacksmith; $2000 real estate.
Margaret Henshaw, age 25, born in New Jersey.
Albert Henshaw, age 4, born in Indiana.
Leonorah Henshaw, age 1, born in Indiana.
Elias Henshaw, age 19, born in North Carolina; blacksmith.
Angeline Lewis, age 14, born in Indiana.
John Morgan, age 16, born in New Jersey; attended school.
George H. Swain, age 18, born in North Carolina; attended school.

He married Angeline Lewis, Nov 16 1853, Henry County, Indiana.3,11  Angeline was born about 1836, Indiana.10  Note that Elias and Angeline had been living together in the household of Elias' brother Benjamin.10  

Angeline died Jun 9 1854, aged 17Y 5M 17D.3,12  

He then married Emaline Hall9,13 [Emma Hall1,3,14, Emma A. Hall12], Jul 3 18569,13, Henry County, Indiana9,13.  Emaline, daughter of Eskridge Hall & Mary Wilkinson, was born Aug 8 1835, West Virginia.3,4,14,15  

Emma was Presbyterian, resulting in Elias being expelled by the Quakers.3  At Duck Creek MM on 5-22-1856, Elias was complained of for marrying contrary to discipline.  He was disowned on 7-24-1856.7  

During the Civil War, Elias Hinshaw of Knightstown served as a Private in Company A, 105th Indiana Infantry - Morgan Raid Minute Men (This company was mustered into the State service only, July 12, 1863, to repel the Morgan Raid.  Mustered out July 18, 1863).16  

Elias and family were shown in the 1880 census (Jun 3 1880), Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana:4

Hinshaw, Elias, age 49, born in North Carolina; parents born in North Carolina; retired farmer.
Hinshaw, Emaline, wife, age 44, born in West Virginia; father born in East Virginia; mother born in West Virginia; housekeeping; "maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled".
Hinshaw, Charles, son, age 22, born in Indiana; father born in North Carolina; mother born in West Virginia; book keeping; attended school.
Hinshaw, Lola M., daughter, age 18, born in Indiana; father born in North Carolina; mother born in West Virginia.
Hinshaw, Earl, son, age 12, born in Indiana; father born in North Carolina; mother born in West Virginia; attended school.

Elias Hinshaw died Apr 24 19003,9,12 [Apr 11 190014], Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana3,9,12; buried Old Knightstown Cemetery, Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana3,9,12.  

Widow Emma and family were shown in the 1900 census (Jun 7 1900), Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana:15

Hinshaw, Emma, head, age 64, born Aug 1835, West Virginia; father born in Virginia; mother born in West Virginia; 7 children, 2 living; owns home.
Hinshaw, Charles, son, age 41, born Aug 1858, Indiana; father born in North Carolina; mother born in Virginia; attorney.
Hinshaw, Earl, son, age 32, born Oct 1867, Indiana; father born in North Carolina; mother born in Virginia; printer.

Emaline died Apr 29 1911, at her home, 3024 Central Ave., Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana; buried Old Knightstown Cemetery, Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana.17  

Emma's death was reported in "The Indianapolis Star" (Indianapolis, Indiana) on Monday, May 1, 191117 (see scan below).  

Elias and Emma are buried with all of their infant children: Edgar, Lola, Willie, Harry and Lillian.12  

A biographical sketch of Elias Hinshaw was published in the "Compendium of Biography of Henry County, Indiana" by B.F. Bowen:14


The gentleman of whom the biographer now writes was for many years identified with the interests of Henry County and contributed in a large degree to its material progress and prosperity.  One of the extensive landowners of the county, he was an important factor in its varied interests and thus advanced the general welfare.  Few lives furnish so striking an example of the wise application of sound principles and safe conservatism as did his.  His was an honorable life, consistent with itself and its possibilities in every particular.  Elias Hinshaw, deceased, was born in Guilford County, North Carolina, on the 9th of November, 1830, and was the youngest in a family of twelve children, nine sons and three daughters born to Benjamin and Annis (Bowman) Hinshaw.  Shortly after the birth of the subject his parents came to Indiana living for one year in Wayne County.  In 1832 they settled on a farm near Greensboro, Henry county, and made that their home until a short time before their deaths, when they moved to Greensboro, where their deaths occurred, when he was eighty-two years old and his wife seventy-six.  They were both members of the orthodox Society of Friends at Greensboro.  The names of their children were as follows: John, Anna, William, Jesse, Susan, Edmond, Franklin, Seth, Cyrus, Lindsay, Millie and Elias.  Of this large family but two sons and two daughters are now living.  Seth resides at Greensboro, aged eighty-three years; Lindsay is a well-to-do farmer, living in Greensboro Township; Susy lives in Nebraska and Millie in Charlottesville.  The entire family came to this county in poor financial circumstances, but all became wealthy.  Elias Hinshaw the immediate subject of this memoir remained on the home farm until he was eighteen years old.  At that age he went to Knightstown and entered a shop owned by his brother Franklin to learn the blacksmith's trade.  He worked at this trade until he was thirty-one years old, most of the time at Knightstown, and then started a shop of his own.  He later settled on a farm of two hundred and eighteen acres, three miles west of Knightstown, on the Greensboro pike.  He had with the earnings from his shop work at first bought a tract of eighty-two acres and gradually added to it until he possessed four hundred acres, which he afterwards sold.  He also owned another farm of seventy-two acres, which he sold.  As a young man he had the 'knack' of making money easily.  He was industrious and skillful and exercised sound judgment in his business ventures, so that he made rapid and continual progress in his financial affairs constantly adding more land to his possessions he kept much high grade live stock and was generally accounted one of the leading farmers of his community.  He was liberal hearted to a fault and sustained some losses by lending money and not exacting security.  His home farm was originally entered by William Macy, who erected upon it a residence, but never lived there.  In 1883 Mr. Hinshaw built the house that now stands there, a large, roomy, well-built house.  This farm he always rented, as it was a fine piece of property, and he was never without a tenant.  The death of Mr. Hinshaw occurred on the 11th of April, 1900.  About nine years before that time he had received a stroke of paralysis but partially recovered his health, being able to walk about until about six years before his death, when he was stricken the second time, and after that was practically helpless and gradually failed.  His mother and others of his family passed away as a result of the same disease his mother being apparently well and able to attend to her household duties until a few minutes before her death.  Political1y Mr. Hinshaw had originally been a Whig, and afterward became a publican but was never a seeker after office.  However, he was prevailed upon to serve his fellow citizens as a member of the town council and remained a member of that body for several years.  He made a splendid record there for his sound judgment and energetic efforts in behalf of the interests of the community his advice being constantly sought on all questions affecting the public welfare.  Religiously he was a member of the Society of Friends, but upon his marriage outside of that society, the society withdrew from him.  However, he was a friend of all churches and liberal in his donations to all benevolences.  He simplified the settlement of his estate by leaving it all to his widow.  When he was twenty-one years old Mr. Hinshaw was united in marriage with Miss Angeline Lewis, who died, however, with-in a year of their-marriage.  Mr. Hinshaw was again married, this time, on the 3rd of July, 1856, to Miss Emma Hall, the daughter of Eskridge and Mary (Wilkinson) Hall.  The latter was an aunt to Elnathan Wilkinson and a sister to Daniel Wilkinson.  Eskridge Hall was a native of the Old Dominion, and was educated for the profession of teaching.  He became a private tutor and, coming to Indiana, taught school here as long as he was able.  His wife had died in Virginia, after having given birth to five children, and after coming Indiana Mr. Hall wedded Mrs. Maria Steele Chapin, and they made their home upon a farm four miles northwest of Knightstown.  Emma Hall lived in Knightstown with her grandmother until she was twelve years old and then for eight years or until her marriage lived with Joel B. Lowe, one of the pioneer merchants and his sister, Elizabeth, a wealthy couple.  Mr. Lowe removed to Iowa, but afterward to his Tennessee home and died.  Emma Hall was thought a great deal of by Mr. and Mrs. Lowe.  Mr. Hinshaw and his wife became the parents of seven children.  Three died in infancy while Lola M. lived at home until her death at the age of twenty-two, and Willie died when in his ninth year.  Those living are: Charles H. who has been honored with the office of mayor and town clerk, and is now living with his mother and managing the farm for her, and Earl, who is a printer employed in the Banner office.  Mrs. Hinshaw still retains active control of the farm and is an intelligent and well-informed lady.  She has a taste and aptitude for many kinds of work, but because of delicate health is compelled to confine her work to art and music.  Religiously she is connected with the Presbyterian Church and lends her influence in every way possible to the advancement of all good works.

Anyone driving through Knightstown, Indiana today on US 40 can see Elias's house just west of downtown.  It is easily identifiable - it is an imposing Italianate brick with a tower, and Elias's initials over the door.18  See photo below, and also: http://oldktown.com/?page_id=149

(photo)Photo: Elias Hinshaw 19

(photo)Photo: Elias Hinshaw house Knightstown, Henry County, Indiana 20

(photo)Photo: Death of Emaline Hall "The Indianapolis Star", May 1 1911 17


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