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979. Mt. Sizer Loop (04/11/15)

Hikers (29): Alan, Brad, Carissa, Chester, Christine L, Clive, Dan, George, Hima, Iris, Jackie, Jane, Janice, Jim, Kathryn, Mike He, Nick, Peter, Peter E, Ralph, Russ, Russell, Sarah, Sarbinder, Sean C, Shuli, Sophie, Steve, Yipeng
Distance: 18 miles
Rating: 5 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: Henry Coe State Park east of Morgan Hill

Write-up by Peter -- Pictures by George

I wasn't going to give a Steve a leaf because he did a completely different trail to get to The Bench, which did not include going up the Shortcut Trail, but he promised to buy me many beers for my birthday, so I caved ...

As for me, I had a personal best of 32:05 from The Creek to The Bench -- surprising myself, since I had been sitting on my butt the last 3 weeks, consuming large quantities of food and drink. I guess I have a new training regimen now. Cheers!

Somewhere near the elusive peak of Mt. Sizer

As always, size matters!

Thanks for the birthday party. Cheers!

Chester's 110th leaf
Christine L's 1st leaf
Jim's 20th leaf
Mike He's 1st leaf
Russell's 60th leaf

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