Letter from William Hinshaw to Thomas Greer
8 Mo. 8, 1784

North Carolina
the 8th Day of the 8th Month in the year of our Lord 1784
friend Tomas Greer this is to inform thee I and my wife is well and my Children is well   also my son John is not maride yet But my sister Alice keeps house for   Ezra and Thomas is married to two daughters of William Marshills.   William is married to a daughter of William Hunts which have Visited your Parts   sarah is not yet maried But liveth at home   Brother Jesse is much afflicted with the Rhumatism Pains   Brother Absolem and his family is well   Moses Hammon and his family is well   we have had very Pearlous times and lost much   But through Devine Providance is Blessed with sufficient of the Nessarys of Life   father in law and familey is well Except mother in law has been sorley visited with sickness for about a year But is now in a likely way of recovery   uncle William Hinshaw and familey is well Except Thomas which has the gravel   friend Thomas Geer Let William Delap or his heirs know that William Hinshaw and mary his wife and son Thomas is yet alive which being the very Lives of the lease Readford which I certify william Hinshaw.   John Marshill and familey is well.   William Marshill and familey is well and Like the country very well for it is full as good as we heard of.   This year there is small flying Bugs in great numbers which have destroyed a great deal of wheat and is in a likely way of spoiling some corn.  
I have often wrote but have Received no answer   father and mother with friends and neighbors are Either Dead or forgoten us or els I would expect some of them would have wrote   Be pleased to let father and Mother see this letter if living   likewise Brother John Cortney and all enquiring friends and neighbours   I expect that thee will also be so kind as to write to me and to let me know how it is with thee and thy familey and with father and mother and with the three young men that lived with thee when I came away and how it is with thy brother James and familey   Likewise with all friends blonging to grange meeting and old Neighbours of killy Nail   I live so I can ride to the furthest of four monthly meetings in a Morning against Meeting time   Heaving no more at presen to add I remain thy affectionet friend and Brother in the truth and Any More thou may be informed by my well asteemed Friend Zechoria Dix
William Hinshaw tha lived in killey Nail formerly

Archive: Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Reference: D/1044/697
Courtesy of Irish emmigration researcher Evelyn Cardwell

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