William Hinshaw

                                           ┌── William Hinshaw
                                           │       ?-1699 
                   ┌── John Hinshaw ───────┤
                   │   c1660->1768         │
                   │                       └── Elizabeth -
William Hinshaw ───┤
B: 1724            │
D: 1814            │
                   └── Elizabeth Belshaw
M: Sarah Courtney
   ├── Thomas Hinshaw (1757-1825) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
   ├── Ezra Hinshaw (1753-1836) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
   ├── William Hinshaw (1759-1807) 1,2,5,6,7,9,10,11
   ├── Sarah Hinshaw (c1761-1852) 3,5,6,7,12,13
   ├── John Hinshaw (c1763-?) 3,14,15,16

M: Mary Hinshaw
   ├── Jacob Hinshaw (1772-1779) 1,2,6,7,9
   ├── Jesse Hinshaw (1773->1850) 1,2,6,9,17
   ├── George Hinshaw (1775-1862) 1,2,6,7,9
   ├── Elizabeth Hinshaw (1777-?) 1,2,6,7,9
   ├── Benjamin Hinshaw (1779-1839) 1,2,6,7,9,17
   ├── Jacob Hinshaw (1782-1846) 1,2,6,7,9
   ├── Samuel Hinshaw (1784-1849) 1,2,6,7,9
   ├── Mary Hinshaw (1789-1860) 1,5,6,9,17,18
   └── Rebecca Hinshaw (1789-1882) 1,5,6,9,17,18,19

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Born 1724, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.6,11,20,21  

He married Sarah Courtney, Apr 1 1749, County Antrim, N.Ireland.3,6,10,11,21  Sarah, daughter of Toby Courtney & Sarah Boyd, was born 1730.6,10,11,21  

Sarah Courtney might *possibly* be descended from Sir John de Courtenay (d May 3 1274), husband of Isabel de Vere, grandaughter of Robert de Vere, 3rd Earl of Oxford and surety of the Magna Carta in 1215.22  

At the Grange meeting on 2-13-1750, "William Hinshaw, the younger" was disowned for marrying a young woman of Ballinderry Meeting by a "priest".18,23  

But William (sometimes Hinshaw and sometimes Henshaw in the Grange Men's Meeting Book of Minutes) made a written 'offering' to Grange MM, dated 1-25-1758, expressing sorrow for his misconduct and asking to be reinstated in membership.  This was accepted by Grange MM on 1-27-1759.  Sarah, who was a member of the Lisburn MM and was described in that Meeting's minutes as "a young woman of Blandenderry", was also disowned by her Meeting.  She sent a letter (offering) to Lisburn MM on 3-2-1758 acknowledging her fault and asking to be reinstated in membership.  This was accepted by Lisburn MM about the same time Grange accepted William's offering.  Sarah was then transferred to Grange MM as wife of William Hinshaw.24  

Sarah died about 1768, Northern Ireland.  Sarah has often been reported to have died and buried at sea during the family ocean crossing of 1768.1,6,10,21  However, in a letter from William written shortly after he arrived, he clearly mentions "all of us arrived safe" and "our healths reesonable well",25 which clearly indicates none of his party had died during the crossing.  But in the same letter William makes clear that Sarah had already died by then, as he stated "I have no thoughts of changing my condition by marge [marriage] as yet" ...  So it seems clear that Sarah had died sometime before the crossing began, and was most likely buried in Northern Ireland (probably at the Grange MM).  

Widower William Hinshaw and family emigrated to North Carolina in 1768.1  An entry in the Grange MM minutes of 2-5-1768 shows:24

"William Henshaw signified to this meeting that he and his brother Jess, with their families intend to remove from this to America and desire our certificate.  Thomas Dawson and Jas Pillar are desired to make the needful enquiry concerning them and return acct. how thay find things to next preparative meeting which is appointed to be held the 26th of 2nd mo."
On 2-26-1768, a similar entry in the minutes for William's cousin Absolem was recorded:24
"Absolem Hinshaw acquainted this meeting that he intends removing with his wife and family to America and desires our certificate of removal, and this meeting being informed that Alice Hinshaw also intends removing to America and desires our certificate, this meeting therefore desires Thomas Dawson and Jas Pillar together with Jas Morton and Jonas Shaw to make enquiries concerning the above mentioned Friends and bring the same to the next meeting for approbation."
An entry on 3-11-1768 shows:24
"Certificates being drawn for Jess Hinshaw, Absolem Hinshaw and William Hinshaw with their families, also for Alice Hinshaw, the same was signed in this meeting.  Jonah Shaw is desired to record copies of said certificates and deliver the originals to said Friends."
The Grange Monthly Meeting has a later entry showing:23
"It Appears that Jesse Hindshaw, Absolem Hindshaw & Willm Hindshaw with their respective families and also Alice Hindshaw removed to America in the year 1768".

William and family (sans poor Sarah) presented their certificate to the Cane Creek Monthly Meeting, N.C., on 11-4-1769.23  The Cane Creek MM men's records shows an entry for 11-4-1769:2

"William Hinshaw received on a certificate".
The women's record shows an entry for the same date:2
"Alice Hinshaw received on a certificate from Six Weeks Meeting, Grange, near Charlemount, Ireland, dated 3-13-1768".
Note this certificate date is the same as that of Absolem's.2  

William was a farmer and a weaver.  He quickly acquired land in North Carolina for his family's new home.  A deed was recorded on Oct 19 1768 (Orange County Deed Book 3, page 505):12

From Herman Husbands of Orange County, farmer, to Wm. Hinshaw of same, weaver, for consideration of £40 - 166 acres on branch of "Sand Creek" (Sandy Creek), part of a tract granted to said Husbands from Lord Granville, 10 Dec 1762 for 700 acres.  

Witnessed by Jacob Hinshaw and Stephen Jones.  

Proven Mar 27 1769.

Another deed was recorded on Feb 20 1769 (Orange County Deed Book 3, page 506):

Enos Stimson [or Stinson] and wife Elizabeth, of Orange County, to Wm Hinshaw, late of the Kingdom of Ireland, now of sd county, weaver, consideration: £25 - 80 acres, part of a tract granted to Thomas Swift on a branch of Sandy Creek, the waters of Deep River.  

Witnessed by Jacob Hinshaw and John Fruit.  

Proven Mar 27 1769.

The land purchased by William was part of what was then Orange County, which became Guilford County in 1771, and then Randolph County in 1779.12  

He then married Mary Hinshaw, 1771.1,2,11,17  Mary, daughter of Jacob Hinshaw & Rebecca Mackey.1,2,26  William & Mary were first cousins once removed.  In his will, William's cousin Jacob named his daughter Mary and his son-in-law William (as well as his other daughter Jane) as executors of his estate.1  

When Holly Spring MM was set off from Cane Creek MM, William and Mary were automatically transferred to that new meeting because their homestead was in that verge.24  

William Hinshaw prepared his will on December 24, 1809,27,28 probated May, 181828 (see below).  

William Hinshaw died 12-4-1814, Cane Creek, North Carolina; buried 12-5-1814, Holly Spring MM, North Carolina.1,2,6,9,20,21,29,30  

William was noted for "Patriotic Service" during the Revolutionary War.20  He is listed in the "Patriot Index" of the Daughters of the American Revolution.20  

Mary Hinshaw died 7-18-1822, buried 7-20-1822, Holly Spring MM, North Carolina.2,26  

Mary's will, dated 11 Mo. 13, 1819, is recorded in Randolph County, North Carolina Will Book 5, page 76; will probated Aug 182212,28 (see below).  

See also: Details of the crossing from Ireland to North Carolina

See also: Letter from William Hinshaw to Thomas Greer, dated Jan 20 1769

See also: Letter from William Hinshaw to Thomas Greer, dated 8 Mo. 8 1784

(photo)Photo: William Hinshaw family death records Cane Creek MM Records 30

(photo)Photo: William Hinshaw's last will and testament 28

(photo)Photo: Mary Hinshaw's last will and testament 28


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