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1288. Black and Green Curry (03/05/22)

Hikers (31): Adam, Arlene, Arush, Chinyet, Chris P, Christina, Crystal, David A, Dong, Gela, Giulia, Hong, Iris F, Jarda, Jim, Kathryn, Kendra, Kevin, Manfred, Mihail, Mike He, Milon, Nagendra, Peter E, Qi, Sandy F, Shuli, Sophie, Steve, Susan S, Vicki
Distance: 16 miles
Rating: 3 difficulty, 9 beauty
Park info: Mt. Diablo State Park near Alamo

Steve owes a writeup! -- Pictures by Chinyet, Giulia, Qi, Jarda, Milon, Jim, Shuli, Dong and Sophie

Most INCHers did longer/harder versions of this hike, but the difficulty is based on the easiest allowed route. Looking at the 5 tracks I can access on Garmin Connect, the minimum was 19.5 miles with 4.4k ft of elevation. The max was 21 miles with 5.2k ft of elevation. That being said, the pure "nice" route was less mileage and elevation. . .so the hike is still a 3.

And the hike starts with leaving the park

Green Valley Trail has some elevation

Mihail takes pictures in the easement

The unnamed trail up to West Fossil Ridge Road

INCHers returning from the crucial "End of Trail" sign on W. Fossil Ridge

Plenty of nice shaded trail in Diablo

Gathering Qi?

Neon green

Looking back at Hawk Ridge from "random power line" detour

Can't tell, but this really is Steve and Mihail encouraging Kevin and Nagendra to visit Hawk Ridge (not that they weren't going to)

Delighted Hawk Ridge visitors!

Kathryn visiting Balanced Rock on the "nice" route

Jarda, on the "naughty" route, took a zoomed picture of the hike leader on the unpublished "naughtiest" route heading up to the "naughtier" route. . .whatever that means

Diablo (left) and North Peak (right) from edge of Diablo

Sentinel Rock as we pass Rock City for the second time

Early on Wall Road

Visiting Wall Point summit

Cows ain't moo-vin near end of the hike

Gela's 40th leaf

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