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1002. Alviso Slough (10/03/15)

Hikers (31): Biz, Brad, Carol, Chris P, Clive, Helen, Hima, Jackie, Janie X, Jeff, Jeff V, Julie H, Karl, Kathryn, Ken, Le D, Nick, Nina, Padraig, Peter E, PG, Ross, Russ, Russell, Sabine, Sandy, Sarah, Sarbinder, Stacey, Steve, Vicki
Distance: 9 miles
Rating: 1 difficulty, 8 beauty
Park info: South Bay marshlands near Alviso

Write-up by Steve -- Pictures by Biz, Jeff, and Steve

Julie H had asked for an easy hike before she and Nick had to return to England. As luck would have it, we had a hole in the schedule that could accommodate. Alviso was the easy choice--it's close, it's picturesque, and the location has a different vibe.

This was Julie H's and PG's first hike, one of Nick's last hikes, and Russ's 151x4 hike. So there was lots to celebrate.

1-2-3 INCH!

Helen takes an early lead on this wheelchair-accessible hike

Helen was still on the mend from a fluke canyoneering accident (which sounds much cooler than "stepped on it funny"), and brought out the wheelchair for the hike.

Say what you will about the hike, Alviso is scenic

Russ's 151stx4 hike: hike leaders must role-model

Every time someone crosses 151 hikes, we do a shot of 151. The veterans of this tradition have learned to partake, but not necessarily enjoy. I did have an official INCH flask for the event, which was cool.

The celebration was at the half-way point. This was the last time we were mostly all together--by the end, we'd be an hour apart. . .

Suspicious women skulk around critical water machinery

Mount Allison and her subsidiary peaks

Julie H's (center) last? hike

It was a bit of a wait until Nick and Julie came in, and even longer for PG, whose shoes were hurting her enough to go shoeless for the last little bit. But that just meant more time to eat and drink, and for Helen to sell Sabine's daughter's pretzels. Long story.

We celebrated Julie H's and PG's first (and last?) hike at Vahl's

Vahl's, of course, is always an experience. The wait staff had no problem accommodating our rather large group. There was one other group dining here, which we determined were on witness relocation. . .and yet they also seemed to belong in this throwback environment. When all was done, we even got two pitchers of beer for free due to Jeff and Jackie invoking the "15% discount" listed in the window for people who biked there on the Guadalupe Trail. Good job!

Luckily Vahl's can't afford to implement this on weekend afternoons

Janie X's 1st leaf
Julie H's 1st leaf
Le D's 10th leaf
Padraig's 190th leaf
Peter E's 120th leaf
PG's 1st leaf
Russ's 151st leaf (and shot) × 4
Sarah's 310th leaf
Stacey's 10th leaf

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