Ezra Hinshaw

 1. William Henshall  m Margerie Gyll 
 2.. Thomas Henshall (?-c1631) m - Kendrick 
 3... John Henshall (1611-c1687) m Elizabeth - 
 4.... William Hinshaw (?-1699) m Elizabeth - 
 5..... John Hinshaw (c1660->1768) m Elizabeth Belshaw 
 6...... William Hinshaw (1724-1814) m Sarah Courtney (1730-c1768)
 7....... William Hinshaw (1759-1807) m Margaret Hunt (1765-1828)
 8........ Ezra Hinshaw (1797-1874)
           +Jane Woodward (1798-1882)
 9.........  Ira Hinshaw (1820-1900) 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
 9.........  Lucinda Hinshaw (1822-1864) 1,2,3,4,5,6,8
 9.........  Jesse Hinshaw (1824-1901) 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9
 9.........  William Hinshaw (1826-1885) 1,2,6,10
 9.........  Benjamin Franklin Hinshaw (1829-1897) 1,2,6,8,10,11
 9.........  Elizabeth Ann Hinshaw (1832-1843) 1,2,6,8
 9.........  Martha Jane Hinshaw (1834-1912) 1,2,6,8,10,12,13
 9.........  Abigail Hinshaw (1836-1852) 1,2,6,8,10
 9.........  Ezra William Hinshaw (1840-1929) 1,6,10,12,14
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Born 1-3-1797, Lost Creek MM, Jefferson county, Tennessee.1,4,5,15,16,17,18  

He married Jane Woodward1,2,4,5,6,15,16,19 [Jane Woodard6], 12-1-18191,2,4,5,6,15,16,19, Lost Creek MM, Jefferson County, Tennessee1,2,4,5,6,15,16,19.  Jane, daughter of William Woodward & Elizabeth Millikan, was born Feb 14 1798, Jefferson County, Tennessee.3,8,10,20,21,22,23,24  

At Lost Creek MM (Tennessee), on 10-27-1827, Ezra was appointed assistant clerk.4  

Ezra and family were shown in the 1830 census living in Jefferson County, Tennessee, as follows:25

2 males under age 5 (William and Benjamin)
2 males age 5-10 (Ira and Jesse)
1 male age 30-40 (Ezra)
1 female age 5-10 (Lucinda)
1 female age 20-30 (unknown - certainly not Ezra's child)
1 female age 30-40 (Jane)

At Lost Creek MM on 9-26-1835, Jane and daughters were granted a certificate to White Lick MM, Morgan County, Indiana.4  

At While Lick MM (Indiana) on 11-18-1835, Ezra & sons Ira, Jesse, William, & Benjamin, and Jane & daughters Lucinda, Elizabeth Ann & Martha Jane were received on certificates from Lost Creek MM, Tennessee.2  

On Mar 30 1837 Ezra purchased two 8-acre parcels of land in Hendricks County, Indiana.26  He was described in this land record as "Ezra Hinshaw of Hendricks County, Indiana",26 which seems to indicate that he had moved to Hendricks County by 1837.  

On Sep 10 1838 Ezra purchased two additional parcels: 160 acres in Morgan County, and 145.84 acres in Putnam County, Indiana.26  

Ezra and family were shown in the 1850 census, Liberty Township, Hendricks County, Indiana, as follows:10

Ezrah Henshaw, age 53, born in Tennessee; farmer; $1050 real estate.
Jane Henshaw, age 52, born in Tennessee.
William Henshaw, age 24, born in Tennessee; school master.
Benjamin Henshaw, age 20, born in Tennessee; farmer.
Martha J. Henshaw, age 16, born in Tennessee.
Abigail Henshaw, age 14, born in Indiana.
Ezra Henshaw, age 10, born in Indiana.
Elizabeth Macy, age 81, born in North Carolina.

At While Lick MM on 10-18-1859, Ezra & wife Jane & family were granted a certificate to Richland MM, Iowa2 [note: this was actually 1854].  

At Richland MM (Iowa) on 1-11-1855, Ezra & wife Jane & children Benjamin, Martha Jane & Ezra were received on a certificate from White Lick MM (Indiana) dated 10-18-1854.15  [obviously the White Lick record should read 1854 not 1859].  

Ezra and family were shown in the 1860 census, Richland Township, Keokuk County, Iowa:12

Ezra Hinshaw, age 64, born in Tennessee; farmer; $2000 [unclear] real estate, $1000 personal property.
Jane Hinshaw, age 63, born in Tennessee; cannot read or write.
Martha J. Hinshaw, age 26, born in Tennessee.
Ezra W Hinshaw, age 20, born in Indiana.

Ezra and family were shown in the 1870 census (Jul 30 1870), Richland Township, Keokuk County, Iowa:23

Henshaw, Ezra, age 71, born in Tennessee; farmer; $1600 real estate, $700 personal property.
Henshaw, Jane, age 72, born in Tennessee; keeping house.
Living next door in 1870 was the family of son Ezra W Hinshaw.27  

Ezra Hinshaw died Jan 11 18741,8,15,28 [Nov 1 187417,18,29], Keokuk County, Iowa1,8,15,28; age 77y 9m 28d1,8,15,28.  

Widow Jane was shown in the 1880 census, living in the household of son Ezra in Richland Township, Keokuk County, Iowa:14

Hinshaw, Jane, mother, age 82, born in Tennessee; mother born in North Carolina; keeping house.

Jane died 1-1-1882, age 83y 10m 14d.8,15,17,18,28,29  Jane's nephew, John Smith Woodward, maintained a diary in which he made the following entry:30

January 1st 1882.  Aunt Jane Hinshaw departed this life at the age of 83 years 10 months 17 days.  Uncle Ezra died just seven years and two months ago.

In 1976, in celebration of the U.S. bicentennial, a "Richland Bicentennial History Book" (Richland, Iowa) was printed, which included a short article on the Ezra Hinshaw family and descendents, with most information from granddaughter Kathryn Elvira Hinshaw Jones:28

Hinshaw Family

In the spring of 1846 [sic], the year Iowa became State [sic], Ezra Hinshaw, his wife Jane Woodward along with their family of 11 children started the trip of 350 miles from Moresville, Indiana to Richland, Iowa by covered wagon.  Their youngest child was Ezra Jr. who was six years old at the time.  Ezra Jr. has one daughter still living, Katherine Jones of Richland, who is 88 years old.  Much of this information comes from Mrs. Jones.  

Only 11 years before their migration to Iowa, they had moved from Jefferson County, Tennessee to Moresville, Indiana.  Many of the early Quakers in this area had followed this migration pattern.  Slavery in the south had much to do with their migration, the fertile Iowa soil was also very attractive.  

Ezra and Jane purchased an 80 acre farm 2 miles north of Richland and lived there until their death.  

Ezra was born in 1797 in Jefferson County, Tennessee and died in 1874.  He is buried in the Richland Friends Cemetery along with his wife Jane who died in 1881.  They were active in establishing the Richland monthly meeting of Friends and attended the first Hopewell Church, which stood east of the John Schuman farm.  The writer has the original Quaker wedding document of Ezra and Jane which took place Dec. 1, 1819.  Several of the witnesses' signatures appearing on this are some of the early settlers around this area; Mills, Thornburg, Morgan, Hammes, etc.  

Ezra and Jane's children were Jesse, Ezra William, Ira, Benjamin, Lucinda Hadley, Elizabeth, Abigail and Martha J. Hadley.  

Jesse married Julia Hadley in 1847 [sic], the daughter of Joseph Hadley, one of the first settlers here and a large land-owner south of Richland.  Jesse and Julia purchased 160 acres just west of the Woolson store.  This land cost $1.00 per acre.  In 1851 when the first Iowa State Fair was held in Fairfield, Jesse Hinshaw showed a Norman Horse and won first prize.  A silver cup is still in the family that he received for this honor.  

They raised nine children: Ezra, William (Frank Hinshaw's father and Cecil Clark's grandfather), Ivy (Jack Hoover's grandfather), Milo, Clark, Mary Jane Stevens, Sara and Caroline Bray who is the grandmother of Harold Bray and Lucille Bond, and Dillon, the only son that lived around here all his life.  

Dillon married Rosa Bales in 1889 [sic] and they had one son, Loren, who lived here all his life.  He married Gertrude Shy and their children are Kermit and Kevin who both live in rural Richland.  They had a son, Keith who died in 1929.  Kevin married Donna Emonin and they have three children: Dennis, Dixie and Jeannie.  They live on the Dillon Hinshaw Farm which was purchased by Dillon in 1886 and has been in the family since.  

Kermit Hinshaw married Janet Trigg in 1941 and they live 1/2 mile south of Richland.  They raise and train Standardbred horses and also have a farming operation.  Their children are John and Korwin, both of Fairfield, and Emily Emonon [sic], wife of John Emonin and they have one daughter, Lorraine.  A daughter, Sallie is a freshman at Central College AT Pella.  

Some of the children of the original settlers Ezra and Jane that still have relatives around this area was Martha who married Owen Hadley.  They were the parents of Ira who lived south of Richland.  His son Lawrence lives in Richland and his daughter, Mrs. Frank Lock lives southwest of Richland.  

A daughter, Lucinda Hadley was the grandmother of Earnest Hadley who is now in his late 80's and lives north of Richland.  She was also the grandmother of the late Emmet Hadley.  

Benjamin married Nancy McCracken.  Their home place was three miles south of Richland being that of the late Sumner McCracken.  They migrated to Kansas in 1886 but one of their sons lived near Woolson for many years and later lived in Richland until his death.  This was Tillman Hinshaw the father of Norval Hinshaw of Marshalltown who lived in Richland for many years.

See also: Nadine Holder's Woodward family web site: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Farm/4038

(photo)Photo: Ezra Hinshaw gravestone Richland Friends' Cemetery 18

(photo)Photo: Jane Woodward gravestone Richland Friends' Cemetery 18


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