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Gela's Hike Diary

#DiffLenPixWUName (Park) [click column header to toggle sorting]
1203312 Russ's Semi Super Hike (3 different Open Space Preserves near Palo Alto)
1184217* SF Crosstown Trail (3 different parks in San Francisco)
1175315 Calaveras Fault Trail (Alum Rock Park in Alum Rock)
118928** Madrone Knoll (Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve near Los Gatos)
1178314* Big Basin Loop (Big Basin State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains)
1213215 El Corte de Madera to Huddart (El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve in Woodside)
1215417* Grant's Mistress (Grant Ranch County Park near San Jose)
1217524** Hunting Hollow to Dowdy Ranch (Henry Coe State Park near Morgan Hill)
1202313* Las Trampas Loop (Las Trampas Regional Wilderness near San Ramon)
1206315* Carson and Cataract Falls (Marin Municipal Water District near Fairfax)
1199419* Jeremiah's Amphitheater (Morgan Territory Regional Park near Livermore)
1207420* Rose Peak (Ohlone Regional Wilderness near Sunol)
1188313** Pallasou Ridge (Pallasou Ridge OSP near Morgan Hill)
121128 Ridge Trail (Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve in Palo Alto)
120427* Montara Mountain via San Pedro (San Pedro County Park in Pacifica)
121028* Priest Rock Trail (Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve near Los Gatos)
1180217 Alambique Trail (Wunderlich Park near Woodside)
#DiffLenPixWUName (Park) [click column header to toggle sorting]

Hike Count: 17
Miles Hiked: 242
Hardcore Hiker™ Score: 78
Endurance Percentage: 0.0%

Diff Count %
51 5.9%

First Hike#1175 on 04/27/19
Last hike#1217 on 02/29/20
% since hike #11.4%
% since hike #117537.8%
% from hike #1175 to #121739.5%
% of 417 named hikes done4.1%
Most miles hiked in a year170 in 2019
Years in INCH0.8

Hiker% of Gela's hikes
Sandy F88.2%
Total unique co-hikers: 93

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