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Gela's Hike Diary

#DiffLenPixWUName (Park) [click column header to toggle sorting]
1203312 Russ's Semi Super Hike (3 different Open Space Preserves near Palo Alto)
1184217* SF Crosstown Trail (3 different parks in San Francisco)
1175315 Calaveras Fault Trail (Alum Rock Park in Alum Rock)
118928** Madrone Knoll (Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve near Los Gatos)
1178314* Big Basin Loop (Big Basin State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains)
1213215 El Corte de Madera to Huddart (El Corte de Madera Creek Open Space Preserve in Woodside)
1215417 Grant's Mistress (Grant Ranch County Park near San Jose)
1202313* Las Trampas Loop (Las Trampas Regional Wilderness near San Ramon)
1206315* Carson and Cataract Falls (Marin Municipal Water District near Fairfax)
1199419* Jeremiah's Amphitheater (Morgan Territory Regional Park near Livermore)
1207420* Rose Peak (Ohlone Regional Wilderness near Sunol)
1188313** Pallasou Ridge (Pallasou Ridge OSP near Morgan Hill)
121128 Ridge Trail (Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve in Palo Alto)
120427* Montara Mountain via San Pedro (San Pedro County Park in Pacifica)
121028* Priest Rock Trail (Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve near Los Gatos)
1180217 Alambique Trail (Wunderlich Park near Woodside)
#DiffLenPixWUName (Park) [click column header to toggle sorting]

Hike Count: 16
Miles Hiked: 218
Hardcore Hiker™ Score: 62
Endurance Percentage: 0.0%

Diff Count %

First Hike#1175 on 04/27/19
Last hike#1215 on 02/15/20
% since hike #11.3%
% since hike #117539.0%
% of 417 named hikes done3.8%
Most miles hiked in a year170 in 2019
Years in INCH0.8

Hiker% of Gela's hikes
Sandy F93.8%
Total unique co-hikers: 92

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